by Bill Turner   Feb 12, 2008

Rain falls like blood upon the walk
Death lurks at every turn
Dark deeds are never done
Not in the light of the sun
Taking out societies trash
Aggressive and brash
Hand across the mouth
Blood pouring through my grip

It is a living, at least for me
Harvesting souls in the dark
Sending them where they belong
Unforgiven, more than a song
Feeling the edge of my knife
Knowing I will again take life
As darkness begins to set
The assassin finishes his meal

Heading out into the dark again
Deeds needing to be done
Nighttime horrors coming true
A harvester turning a victim blue
Listen, the phone begins to ring
As the heart begins to sing
Time to head back home
A family man today


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  • 11 years ago

    by Dixiedaisy

    Yowza such a scary write from you. But, it reminds me so much of the serial killers that act as though nothing is wrong and lead very normal lives going home to their families and only to be discovered years and bodies later that they led such a horrible second life. Wow you have done an amazing job with this and I am stunned at how it left me feeling. I was shaken at the fact that it was such a deep dark write. A little scary that it can be the truth. Great Job!

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