by Bill Turner   Nov 27, 2009

America has come so far from the days of our founders
Liberals and progressives tossing away liberty
Undermining our Constitution, our way of life
We are losing our great nation to an enemy within
Doing nothing is the Americans greatest sin

Watching good people do nothing breaks my heart
It pains me to no end as America is slipping away
So many have fought for so long, for so much
Come with me if you will do what it takes to be free
This is my America, land that I love, land of liberty

So many have shed their blood here and overseas
Fighting and dying so that illegal’s can cross our borders
Leaving the ACLU to wash God from our history
The courts have dug deep and gone too far
Abdul has Constitutional rights if caught in Kandahar

The Constitution is the law of our land
God given, inalienable rights were granted to us
It is up to us to restore the gift our founders left
Polishing and shining, cleaning up our country
Tossing out the trash as we once again become free

It is as if we are involved in a street fight with our enemy
Instead of knives and chains they brought activist courts
We showed up in the dark alley with the Constitution
I like our odds in this cause for God is on our side
Stand with me fellow Christians, side by side


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