by Countess of Monte Cristo   Feb 16, 2008

Here I was standing.
Supposed to laugh and celebrate
Celebrate the fact that my long-awaited retaliation
Has arrived

I should have laughed
I should have shouted from laugher
I should have expressed my joy in a secret manner

Tears of delight should have poured down my face
And the feeling of emptiness replaced by satisfaction
Instead, my feelings were out of place
I have come up with a very unlikely reaction

After all the injustices I've seen from you
After the agony and the pains
I had the chance to break free
Instead I kept my chains

Somehow, you broke my heart
Although you deserve no mercy from me
You were the culprit right from the start
The devil in you was all I could see

Now the world is all mine
And time is on my side
Glad to say.. After everything.. i am fine
Never again shall you insult my unbeatable pride

The tables have turned
What was high has gone low
Karma has returned
And it is time you ought to receive your blow

but I suddenly backed off....

I decided to forgive you
I shall not bring myself to be the cruel person I thought I could be
It is not in my nature to turn my heart to stone
Although that may be you but not me

I will be better
I shall contain my anger with grace
I have nothing to be ashamed of
But you.. I see your face is ridden with disgrace

Nothing evil I can do to you
Can ever erase those tears
Or heal my fears
Or reverse those sleepless years

Forgiving is a quality of the strong
And here I am disproving all the times you called me weak
You have talked many times already
It is time you listen when I speak

Oh.. but I am better
I shall contain my anger with grace
I have nothing to be ashamed of
But you.. you are rotten with disgrace

* To err is human, To forgive..Divine. - Alexander Pope


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