Love is...

by Sierra Rae   Feb 19, 2008

Love cannot be faked. You can say "I love you" thousands of times and not know what love means until you finally truly find love. You may think you are in love and you may feel different about one person than you've felt about any other, but you wont know what love is until you find it and almost lose it.

Love is death. Love is feeling numb when he disappoints you and she lies to you. Love is feeling your heart break and your world turn upside down, but knowing you love them too much to hate them, no matter how hard you wish you could. Love is not wanting to go on, but going on anyway and loving them.

Love is taking the unforgivable, and forgiving. Love is understanding. Love is patient. Love is knowing there will be mistakes, that people will mess up, but knowing that to keep your love true, you must work at it. Love is not short term, it is not to be forgotten whenever hard times come your way.

Love is believing. Love is trusting even after they throw that trust away. Love is compassion, love is perseverance. Love is the will to carry on. Love is wanting to fix things. Love is to stay together and work on building back your trust. Love is hope. Love is faith. Love is commitment.
Love is forever.


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