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I'm a pretty easygoing person.
I'm also pretty understanding.
I try to be low-maintenance.
I don't get mad easily.
I trust immediately,
forgive quickly,
laugh unexpectedly,
cry uncontrollably,
and love unconditionally.
My life is full of drama;
half of it I bring upon myself,
though I try to avoid it.
I f**k things up.
It's hard to show how much I appreciate some people.
I never mean to hurt anyone,
but sometimes I do.
I put myself into bad situations
and sometimes need help to get out of them.
My home life isn't always great,
but I try to make the most out of everything.
I'm a klutz.
I hurt people play fighting.
I run into walls,
spill things on myself.
I'm completely random.
I try to be unpredictable.
My room's not always clean,
I don't always fix my makeup or hair.
I enjoy the simple things most.
My style changes everyday.
and so does my attitude towards everything,
from life to love and everything in between.
I love music;
lyrics express what I can't always get across.
Love is the key to all happiness,
and without happiness what do we have in life?
I'm trying to make myself a better person,
become something,
have a purpose in life;
but then i guess, isn't everyone?
Sometimes i put myself first
to get ahead in life,
but doesn't it have to be that way sometimes?
I make rash decisions
and don't think things through all the way.
I make stupid choices sometimes.
I'm smart but sometimes forget how to think.
I'm a girl.
I want to have fun.
I'm not always responsible,
but I try to be.
I'm not perfect.
but if i was that would just be boring,
and we wouldn't want that would we?
Don't judge the way I live my life,
Or the choices I make,
or the way i act.
I'm sure you're not perfect either...

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  • The best joke is an inside joke... --Sierra Rae


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  • Don't let anyone take over your heart if you had perfect control over it in the beginning. --Sierra Rae

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  • No one is ever completely in control, control is an illusion. We are lucky if we maintain some resemblance of sanity. --David Finney

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