by Heidi   Mar 21, 2008

Sometimes when I think about you,
It hurts my weak heart.
To think that you're with someone else,
And our souls have grown apart.

When I remember your hands in mine,
My smile slowly fades,
Because I know that it isn't us,
All I have left is the memories we made.

I think about the way you looked at me,
Your brown eyes searching deep within.
And I wish you were holding me,
Making me smile that way again.

I remember the way you tickled my sides,
And brightened up my day.
I can't help but smile at those memories,
Wishing you and I could go back to those ways.

Sometimes I think about the promises you made,
And the silly things you said.
I wish I could let you go,
And get your perfect image out of my head.

I remember the way I felt about you,
And the way you made my heart speed up.
I'll never be able to let you go,
Because I loved you so god damn much.

I think about you every day,
And every morning when I awake.
You'll always be in the back of my mind,
I hope that I wasn't a stupid mistake.

I hope you remember the way you made me feel,
And I pray that at times you think of me.
Promise me you'll treat her good,
I'm letting go now, setting my love for you free.


By: Heidi Berlin
March 21, 2008


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  • 12 years ago

    by Sexual hysterias

    Wow. i really liked this.. it explains exactly how i feel about my ex. This is an amazing poem ;; job well done [: