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  • Age : 87
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  • Country : USA, Wyoming
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  • NOTE*** Written to bring awareness to the dying...
    Bridges to tunnels...

  • As I look into my mirror
    I search for thee that I behold...

  • I'm leavin' town just the way that you like,
    outa your hands& outa your sight...

  • Read this slowly, my dear friend
    for there's a story, I intend...

  • Please read these words I write
    for they do have good intent...

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  • There's a point when someone walks out of your life that you've got to be strong enough to let them go. If you ever meant anything to them, they'll turn around. If they keep walking, then they were never good enough for you anyway.

    9 years ago
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  • And I bet you dont even know
    that every time I hear your voice
    I have to remind myself to
    keep breathing; or that every time
    you're near me, my heart
    stops beating.

    10 years ago
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  • I'm glad you were able
    to get me off your mind
    because no matter what i do
    I cant get you off of mine

    11 years ago
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