Cry for help

by Frank the Great   Apr 12, 2008

Cry for help

I'm driving myself crazy; I've let so many people down
I'm full of stress and depression
I feel alone even when I'm around people
I feel like every day is a rainy day
I finally cut myself just to see if it helps
I'm starving myself so that I can become weaker
I'm depriving myself of sleep so that I can loose sight of reality
I hallucinate thru out the day
I have a rage building inside of me
I attacked a family member today because of a little problem
I want to cry but I can't let it out
I try every day to cry but I just can't
I'm homesick, and miss my friends
I can't go to them though
I won't go back to alcohol
I don't know how much longer I can keep fighting this war
This war against myself
I just want out, where is the way out?
I'm sorry but I can't keep struggling anymore
I have to find an easy way out



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