P.O.T.S Quotes

by Katiex3   Apr 13, 2008

These are not mine; they are quotes from Prophecy of the Stones; an amazing novel.

"The traveler choosing plain or lake. To death either path may take. If cross this plain your your way do the lie. Dreams will haunt you til you die. If this boat you choose to row; then in this lake the past will show."

"Are you magic people?"
"No more than others or yourselves. There's magic in every one of us. Each seed is unlike any others."

"You cannot refuse to fight for what you love; that would be refusing life itself."

"Wherever this is life there cannot always be happiness."

"Those who have always been on the side of light are good. But, those who have known te shadows and have suffered & endured the contempt of others [ the dark ] and yet have continued to walk toward the light ; they are truly great."

"Death is nearby. Too bad. She'll wait. I'll live, because I have to. Because, I want to. I've been dreaming, now I'd rather live, even if it comes to the same thing. My dream gave life back to me. Now I must give dreams back to life."


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    i love the lines u picked!

    Great job!