I'm Sorry, Friend [ poem ]

by Katiex3   Apr 1, 2008

The door is slighty open,
and this string will surely break.
My idea to rekindle the flames,
But that was my mistake.

We're hanging on what could-have-beens,
when we should be letting go.
So I'm going to be the first to say,
What we both already know.

We must go our seperate ways,
but still remain good friends.
Because, we have different things in mind,
for our roads ahead.

I didn't meant to do this,
as punishment or blame.
But, now I see ash gray smoke,
instead of burning flames.

I do love being with you,
please believe me when I say.
If I thought this could really work,
you know I'd find a way.

But, instead I see dead-ends,
in every way I turn.
Instead of dwelling on the past,
Let's take this and learn.

It seems the only way to hold you close,
is being more than friends.
And that's not how it's supposed to be.
Can I make amends?

I'm not saying you'll be lost,
or a mess without me there.
I'm just saying that what I'm doing,
I agree it isn't fair.

Not to you at least;
To leave you all alone.
But it just wasn't "meant to be".
You know, to each his own.

The past was great,
but we can not expand.
I'm sorry, my friend.
I hope you understand.


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