Insomniacs (poem)

by Katiex3   Mar 3, 2008

* Co-written with my dearest friend, Marc.

The phone rang unexpededly.
She knew exactly who,
would call her so late at night,
but still her worries grew.

"Is something wrong, are you okay?"
Thoughts began racing through her mind.
Then reassured by calming voice saying,
"I'm okay, I'm fine."

Hearing this so light and neat,
Worry faded as he speaks.
The horrid thoughts once in her head;
those worried thoughts we're killed. Now dead.

Hello, of course, the right thing to say.
She changed it up like a different day.
Her 'hello" was a smile that he couldn't see.
But he knew that she was. How could this be?

Hours on end, speaking of nothing at all,
Yet about everything; things so large, so small.
They get each point they place at hand.
Impossible, they understand.

The conversation, deep in intricate thoughts;
speaking of past battles they have both fought.
In which they held each-other up.
Even when feelings we're somewhat disrupt.

The sandman is here at last.
The beginning of converstion is now far into the past.
Her eyes are growing heavy. His body is now weak.
But goodbye was a word,
They never did speak.


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