by Frank the Great   Apr 14, 2008


6:30a- I wake up, what if I would have never woke up?
7:00a- I'm at breakfast, what if my inhaler doesn't last?
7:45a- Driving to school, did I tighten my brakes with the right tool?
8:20a- Sitting in class, I don't want to answer ill look like an ass
12:00p- Eating lunch, I might choke so I won't eat that much
3:20p- On my home, what if I get there and I'm alone
4:20p- I'm with Jill, but I think I'm getting ill
5:30p- Eating dinner, what if I never become a winner?
7:40p- Cutting an apple I day dream about future life, what if I fall on this knife?
8:30p- Watching TV, normal I'll probably never be
9:20p- Looking out my window, will I grow old an alone like the next door widow?
10:30p- Lying in bed, will I go crazy with these thoughts in my head?
3:00a- Dreaming, I'm running thru an alley screaming

-FTG- I hate being pessimistic.


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  • 16 years ago

    by Mike Wilburn

    Interesting format - It must be ground hog day.

  • 16 years ago

    by Rose

    More like paranoid. Interesting format...

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