My Stitched-Up Wings.

by in spite of love   Apr 15, 2008

I'm his little puppet, but he doesn't see the strings.
They're wrapped around his fingers, but there's mercy.
I'm not used, I'm not abused, his love - it set me free.
I know given the chance, he wouldn't hurt me.

My hero with admirable expectations,
My lover, he brings me my inspirations.
My guide to help me get through this life,
The one who prevented me and my knife.

A boy who did nothing, but give me his love.
A boy who I'll always adore.
A boy who understands my ups and my downs.
He helps me up, when I hit the floor.

My love, my stiched up wings.
He'll help me to fly.
Together, it's forever.
My perfect boy, and I.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Rachel

    I rather like it, other than the grammar. But I wouldn't fret too much about that, as I am a complete nerd in that respect (and several others).

    I think that the poem has flow, which is important, and the fact that you ended well and didn't get caught up in the current makes me value you as a writer. You certainly have my vote. :)