The Cost Of Freedom

by Fallen Hero   Apr 17, 2008

From the shadows creeps a quiet man,
who never breaks the silence,
he stalks more carefully than normal men,
and in his wake leaves violence.

In his hands is a sythe,
that bears the powers of his creator,
it makes a void, that extinguishes life,
doing deeds as his masters terminator.

To a house he was sent,
to take a man that was long overdue,
with a slash of his sythe he was rent,
he is the enforcer of the devil's curfew.

But over the years built a frustration,
after watching humanity he decided he deserved emancipation,
he crafted a plan, and waited in anticipation,
for a moment to throw a coup, for his master's forceful resignation.

In the cloak of night, his plan was set in motion,
after his commander retired to his personal chamber,
then using the power in his chiefs given weapon,
he gave his master the gift of eternal slumber.

the climb to sea level was not at all easy,
but with his accomplishment in mind he made the journey,
he rose from the ground on a hill that was quite breezy,
with joy he realized that the landscape around him was no longer burning.

he staggered to a pond that was within his sight,
and took a drink of the cool water just sitting there,
without looking back, he was on his way to a town before there was no light,
and in town, upon looking around he realized that he was giving the villagers a scare.

He told them that he came in peace to live with them, but they showed no fascination,
he told them of his magnificent deed and asked them to take heed in his jubilation,
but one person who was man enough to stand, told him that they all had education,
and that the word of the devil's servant was not enough to free him of their conviction.

With his head hung low he walked away from town, defeat dominating his brow,
in the wilderness he found an abandoned shack, and made it his new home,
for the next fifty years, he kept his head down low,
and never made any commotion, he farmed his land and lived alone.

Often he wondered if his choice was right and tried to justify his belief,
to kill the man who gave him life, even in his own kingdom,
sometimes his conscience won and he was filled with grief,
but other times he reasoned, it is "My cost of freedom."


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by jane

    Very good so well written

  • 12 years ago

    by fallenforever

    Wow thats an amazing poem. i love its message and it really made me stop and think. excellent work.

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