I'm in love with you, Aaron.

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Apr 22, 2008

To the boy who is my lover, who has transformed everything
These words that I'm writing, I solemnly swear its all honesty
You scared away my misfortune, and ended the aching tragedy

I can't understand, how I even deserve to win
The heart that you think with, all the love that it intends
I need you to know when i say i love you, those words have my life in them

You're eyes are evidence, they tell me anything and everything
Weather your gazing around a room or looking straight at me
I analyze it all, there like a satisfying shinning mirror
that lead me to your soul, your heart, and it's all so clear

And Once it is all said and done, I know that we are not perfect
Just stating the fact if we we're with anyone else, the time just wouldn't be worth it



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