by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Aug 22, 2008

Eyes glowing to the sky, a voice begins to shout
The moon looks so bright, above my sea of doubt
I don't fit in my own skin, I can't figure my way out
Unanswered questions to what my life's all about?

I feel the crickets chirping, unattainably in my ears
all the sounds alive combine, drive me straight to fear
as i make my way to the light, it seems to quickly disappear
still the answered questions, are the messages left unclear?

magical colidoscope
slowly seeing every shape itself
a feeling as your face begins to melt
a feeling to which you can never explain what you felt?

as it creeps in closer, i can't help but give in
over powering the mind, the feeling then begins
i know once its over though, I'll want that feeling again
once it hits veins to brain, it automatically wins

When its stuck under your skin, you can't seem to fit it.

Thee end.


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