Invaded me by me.

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Dec 5, 2008

I ask am only a portion of you, am I denseless?
My feelings inexistent to your devotion, to you I am defenseless
I am mistook for everything I never meant to do, I never meant to turn out this way
I cower to the past, but it all seems blank, I can't comprehend my yesterday
And the future lurking agony, forever raining down on my parade
You live with no remorse, because I made it this way, I betrayed to invade my own ways
I stand in contemplation, reflection nebula; never sculpted my personality
Always dismayed for an animated individuality
Never once someone was blown away or complimented for my intrigue
I never pleased, Never once have I pleased

I never believed you when you said my thoughts and feelings were kept safe
It seems you have lost depth of our commitment forever to embrace
Just rocks beneath this water, I am what you walk upon as you become 2 feet taller
Congrats, not in any circumstances would i perceive any smaller
As I sit in your palm, just waiting for a fresh breath of air
Possibility at any moment in reversed time, I might disappear
Never concerning to the people who claim to love me, what i honestly always desired
That secret will never leave my mouth, as long as i stay uninspired
You've done nothing but blown me away, never in a good way
I wish I could talk and never say, Talk and never say.


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