by Fluffy Cotton   May 6, 2008

Brassy blades shot through the soil
Glowing like embers from root to tip
And softening as the sun fell down
With her toothy smile and sparkling gown
The sunset oozed a golden drip
As if we were all wrapped up in foil
And I almost asked if you would stay

My thoughts were crowds and shuffling feet
Like a children's symphony on the stone
Our secrets and whispers danced on my tongue
And woke up the times of when we were young
And exploring our senses, our minds, our bones
Alone on a desolate moonlit street
And I almost asked if you would stay

The tires react with soft conviction
As they greet the flawed cement
The wiry screen conceals our breathing
Hands exploring, bodies heaving
Rhythmically the road invents
A dance to match our bodies' friction
And I almost asked if you would stay

With caution and care, our bare sandy toes
Are tugged by the cool, salty, watery tides
And inch by inch, from our heels to our hair
We float through the ocean and bury our cares
Beneath sandcastles, melting and crumbling with time
But it's fine 'cause ephemeral's the best way to go
And I almost asked if you would stay

So stay with me here, untouched by the world
Far beyond the tethers of spatial restraint
Ignite all the fear until the ashes we find
Transform into pictures we've etched in our minds
Created by desire and magical paints
Or at least keep my memory hung like a pearl
On a necklace that swings from your rearview mirror


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