My PunK girl

by Jose Delapaz   May 11, 2008

Searching through memories
making them into stories
about a girl
in a lonely world
from her freezing hands
where no one understands
it had to be a stupid clown
always trying to put her down
she got tired of the evil game
starting to feel the shame
no light, no spark
just kept in the dark
how sad, how painful
for all the haters
that weren't so helpful
told her lies
made her cry
left so much shit on her mind
what the f**k!!!!
she almost died
she cut, she bled
thank god I was there on time
I was gone but not for long
it doesn't mean I move on
so now I am here to stay
together every day
don't worry I'll make things ok
all I want in return
is that beautiful SMILE of yours


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