I dont give a damn

by Ronn   May 20, 2008

Im tired of the pain
and i hate it when im lonely
im tired of the stress
das y i kick it with my homies
some people wish i was never born
sometimes they just wish i would die
some people say im a mistake
but look into my eyes
tell me wut you see
tell me who i am
you think i shouldnt be alive?
look at my face, i dont give a damn!
im put on thiis earth for a reason
all i hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH from your mouth
im from the 805 oxnard homie
im from the south!
dont wanna mess wit me homie
dont even mess with my dogs!!
because if you do
you gona get pounced on like a frog
we gon beat you we gon cut you we gon put a gun to your face
we gona make you wish you've never came to this place!

( i was bored so i just started typin stuff down. haha. so how is it?? )


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