I miss how it used to be

by Ronn   Nov 12, 2005

Missing how it was back then

how we would hang out and wish the day would never end

now we\'re all split up and most of us have changed

everyones personalities got rearranged

Probably me and Jose stayed the same

we still hang out and he lives far away

Roland is different, now he smokes a lot

and once in a while he\'ll do some pot

Brians changed since the first day me and him met

we used to talk crap about each other for fun and now he gets all upset

Javie thinks he\'s all hard just cuz he has some gangsta love

but when i step up to fight, he doesnt put on the gloves

i dont know what happend with us


but one thing i know will never change

just like nickelback, for every memory of looking out my back door

there\'s photo albums spread out on my bedroom floor

its really hard to say it ... but its time to say it .. goodbye

but now i have to put these memories in the past

but no matter what, these memories and photo\'s will always make me laugh

( i dedicate this to the ppl i wrote about up there .. i miss the OLD them .. i just wish they can see that som1 cares )


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  • 13 years ago

    by Sydney

    Aw I love this one. I think everyones just able to relate or maybe I just feel that way. Really great job on it XD.