by Randy East   May 30, 2004

If "THE ANSWER" was a man,
and ONLY questions were His food.
Would a lack of sustenance
put a damper in His mood?

If "THE ANSWER" was a person,
Then of course He'd have to eat.
So if you have some questions
then its him you want to meet.

For "THE ANSWER" knows the answer,
to every single case.
Easy, hard, large or small,
Simply ask it to His face.

If "THE ANSWER" was a human,
knowing every single thing.
could He lend you wisdom,
if "His food" you do not bring?

This concept really bothered me,
so I decided I would see,
and off to His abode I went
toward a lock with out a key.

I Showing up at His door step
with not a thing in hand.
Knowledge, wisdom, and advice,
is what I would demand.

I knocked three times and waited
to see if He would come.
The turning of the door knob,
made my weary heart go numb.

The door swung open loudly,
almost rattling His estate.
He looked down upon me curiously,
and waited for His plate.

Empty handed, but assured... I asked,
"Do you even know a thing?"
"Unless you're given a question,
is there no knowledge you can bring?"

His eyes brightened with delight,
as if risen from the dead.
A lustrous smile consumed His face
and this is what He said:

"Everyone who comes to me
and inquires where I live,
I ALWAYS have to answer
in accordance to what they give."

"And now you come along
and refresh my entire soul.
For I can tell you what I wish,
and for this I am grateful."

So listen close and I will tell,
everything and all.
for on the matter such as this
my vocabs very small.

"There's only ONE thing I can tell you
with out obtaining any grub.
It's far more valuable than riches,
and second... only to love."

"If you want to succeed in life,
and surpass any kind of wealth,
Master all "THE ANSWER" Knows,

....and strive to know thyself.


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by Anonymous

    I like this poem, you read mine a few years ago and recommended this one but I never read it until now. Good job, very creative and I totally agree that in order to get what you want you must first ask yourself what you want. And in order to ask yourself anything, you must know yourself.

  • 8 years ago

    by DirgeVenustas

    Re-read and it makes a lot more sense now. my foolishness took this as a literal piece not metaphorical. silly me. in that case this is really really inspired to make a metaphor for life itself. great job!!


  • 8 years ago

    by Randy East

    Im glad you enjoyed this riddle. I know it seems to talk about food a lot.
    But this is only because in the very first stanza its states that

    and ONLY questions were his food.

    Its VERY VERY VERY important that though out this poem you remember, and keep reminding yourself that "a question" is literally his food.

    read the poem again, perhaps and see if it makes more sense to you. Even go as for as replacing the word "food", literally with the word "question"

    I wrote this poem because one day at work, for some reason I still dont know why.. but I said this in my mind,

    "the answer knows the answer to everything."

    then I realized that it would only know that, IF IT KNEW ITSELF in each and every situation.

    The only PERSONAL advice you can get from THE ANSWER.

    is to know thyself.

  • 8 years ago

    by DirgeVenustas

    Mind- BLOWN! wow. just wow. this is so deep. like everyone has questions and the only ones with answers are the answers themselves. i like how you tied food into this too. i didnt fully enderstand it and i hope that you would msg me with a better understanding, but this was awesome. your a very leveled writer able to cover many subjects perfectly with great insight. great job man!

  • 8 years ago

    by L

    Everything starts with a question, if we don't think and wonder then how are we supposed to know more? So just "talk" to "yourself" but not exactly to yourself. Ask and ask there is nothing to lose with that. The answers will come up because there is an answer to everything, if it seems like there is not one. It might just be hidden but we need to dig it so we can find it. There is a saying : "help yourself, that i will help you" So come up with questions and "I" will give the answers to you" but we have to look for them.. he won't tell us in person.