by Marina   Jul 1, 2008

I Loved you,
You were all I had left to loose,
but now you pick and choose,
I thank you for breaking my heart,
and leaving me behind,
I hope your name slips my mind,
I want to thank you for letting me give you everything,
5 years and my virginity just a "fling",
It was my heart that you ripped in two and cast,
I only wish it was as easy for me to erase the past,
I let you use me, and for that I am ashamed,
But for your mistakes I will not be blamed,
If you think she's better, your sadly mistaken,
This was a risk you will wish you'd never have taken,
Your sorry, your so sorry i'm in pain,
My heart, an evil beast you've slain,
Thanks for breaking my heart,
and thanks for crushing my spirit,
and when I cry and scream, I hope you hear it,
If you think she can please you as i did, your seriously mislead,
too many tears in your name I've shed,
I hope you take her, like you took me in the back seat,
Our fairy tale love story is yet, bitter sweet,
My heart begs for you not to go,
but my voice does not speak,
for I'm already too weak,
I haven't eaten or slept since that day,
but you wont miss me anyway,
My finger feels bare,
my life feels empty..
now as I discard this ring,
I discard you.



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