End of all

by Marina   Apr 7, 2008

Her finger on the trigger,
she's ready to aim,
to stop the voices that say his name,

Life comes too fast,
she takes pictures to make it last,
pro long life, pro long pain,

Mean while, she grows insane,
because love hurts and love kills,
but she wouldn't know, with some help from the pills,

Her vision blurs,
her mind stirs,
as her thoughts take her away,

She tries not to think,
as she begins to sink,
into the tears she's shed,

What will be come on her father?
when he finds her dead,
will he cry? will he scream?

She closes her eyes to dream,
roses red and fields green,
if only she had seen,

Love is war,
love is hate,
love decided her fate,

Her heart beating, but broken,
how could she be so out spoken,
to say she loved another,

How did she get this far,
it shouldn't be this hard,
for a time, she's dieing,

It's the end, there she goes.



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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Shirani Graham

    I appreciate your expressions....


  • 11 years ago

    by The Queen

    Amazingly done with a vast of vocabz used...Honestly speakin i dint like the last 2 or last line...The endin was not that interesting but the whole poem itself was fantastic..Imaginatively done bu filled wit deep sadness..And i think it was too long but all in all, you are a great writer that knows how to put your emotions into a thousand words..Good job..