Christopher W.

by Nanita   Sep 20, 2008

Its times like this when i feel that i need you here
no other feeling compares to when i have you near
i need to feel your touch, hug me tight and dont let go
i miss you like crazy, i need some where to go
this feeling i cant deny, it only happens with you
mi amor, come back soon, i dont know what to do
days, then weeks, then months go by.. te quiero
i really need to see you porque sin ti me muero
you make me feel so special, i cant believe its true
a brand new attitude, baby it's really you
when i think of you, i smile but i really want to cry
why are they keeping you that long, just answer me why
you made a mistake, and youve done some time
making me fall this hard for you, now thats a crime
youre so faraway but i keep you close at the heart
i wouldnt know what to do if they tore us apart
you make me feel like a woman should
waking up a feeling that i thought you never could
days at work, seem shorter when i think of you
im so in love with you and i know you love me too
its more than 'head-over-heels' something so unreal
yet so amazing, the love that we feel
so many dreams of one day finally being together
lets stay strong and keep it more than forever
i love you, te quiero, te amo. how else can i explain it
i miss you, i want you. mi amor, you know i cant fake it
wherever im at, wherever i go you stay in my mind
a better love than this, its very hard to find
just when i thought about throwing it all away
there you were, here you are, in my heart you will stay
this uncontrollable feeling is something hard to explain
the fact that its me and you, its all keeping me sane
i want it all with you, chris, mi amor es neta
baby, i cant get you out of my cabeza
all tongue twisted, knotted, and tied
you make me studder, i cant hide
amor, i need your more than anybody or anything
youre my world, mi vida, mi amor, my everything

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