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Well, since you are so nice to stop by and read this.. I'll tell you a little about me (:

My name is Carolina; I'm 20yrs young. I'm just like any other person. I laugh, I cry, I get mad. My friends would consider me crazy and very random. I'm usually a shy person but once I get to know you, well.. it doesn't matter anymore.

1. God 2. Family
3. Friends

I'm basically self-explained through my poems. I write what I feel and it comes from the heart.

I am in love with Christopher. He has had my heart since 5th grade but time and patience brought us together. He makes me blush just by looking at him. He has his problems, but really who doesn't? We have came a long way and no one will ever tear us apart. I'll forever be by his side. He makes my life worth living and for that, I appreciate him. I love you Corazon!!

together since *01/05/05*
engaged *07/11/09* && loving it <3

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  • It's Raining Outside.. Dxmn, I Wish You Were Here <3

    10 years ago
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  • && i kN0W yU bEEN TAlkiN SH!T, CAUSE yU SMEll LikE d00kiE!!


    10 years ago
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  • Love isn't blind.. It only sees what really matters <3

    10 years ago
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