11 yrs and going strong

by Nanita   Sep 22, 2008

11 yrs and going strong
we've been friends for so long
through laughter and cries
through the guys and their lies
since the day that you fell off the swing
up until whatever the future brings
you're my sister, my parter-in-crime
you've been my other half this whole time
playing jokes and having fun
laughing at all the things we've done
crazy pictures, times and all
screaming like a lesbian across the hall
its been me and you, you and i
remember the times when i was shy?
sneaking around to get what we want
oh that guy's hot, or atleast we thought
on the softball field, we were coach's pet
making ourselves look foolish on stupid bets
rotc bus rides, playing with the cheese
laughing it off when guys called you a tease
all these memories and the ones to come
think about it, our friendship has just begun
old lady's with a house full of cats
friends til the end, and thats that
we made hot dogs and even snow cones
what happened at the stand, no one knows
all the chocolate and the blow pops
getting our ways when it came to cops
simple things that always blew our minds
a duo like this cant no one else find
the oohs, and the aahs, and even the blahs
i still love you with all your flaws
no one will replace you, not even chris
before our relationships, it'll always be this

[dedicated to my bestie holly marie..ily!!]


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