The Fortress: Maze Garden of Peace

by Blueleo   Sep 28, 2008

A hidden maze lies now before me
Its entrance begins this great story
Here, the soul does roam for a peace
Angry emotions in its beauty release

Plants grow edged perfectly as walls
Entrance lead to three different halls
The choice is go right, left or straight
A Restless soul today decides its fate

The center path with flowers is laced
A beauty calls for decision with haste
Only a trick for the weaker soul here
The wise know the right path to steer

Right path contains one single old rose
Left path seems bare and nothing grows
Mind battles heart not to take a chance
But the heart weakens at every glance

The mind may battle but the heart wins
This choice seems clear as a soul grins
For now we walk for a moment in peace
Only to find thorns as knives do release


This is another part of the Fortress of Memories poem, we are in the part of the garden that contains the Maze Garden of Peace. It is where the soul can go contemplate the future and meditate as it is lost in its halls. Each rose represents a different fall. The path of roses is the path of the heart. The bare path is the path of wisdom that is so discarded that the greenery in it died. The right path is the balanced path. It leads to the Sword of Justice, for justice is a balance of wisdom and heart. I will probably write more about the maze, but this is a brief introduction and kind of a pulse finder.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Blueleo

    True, I read this poem many times, each while concentrated on a specific part of it, but taking a look at it after reading the comment made it so obvious. I didn't even need to look, great comment, I'll rewrite this and I think I'll even take a look at earlier poems. The "The" issue has never crossed my mind before, thanks for pointing it out.

  • 11 years ago

    by Blueleo

    Lol, the problem is we tend to follow the heart way more then the mind, but the answer to our troubles is not following the mind alone but a perfect balance is the perfect path, but rarely do we choose it. The good news is when we travel a balanced path rarely do we fall, hence the lonely rose. Thanks for your very kind words and the encouragement. I hope everyone enjoys them, and I have a couple of more poems from the fortress coming up, but I don't want to bore people with too many at once, so I'll wait to get some more feedback :).