Bloody Tears

by Honey Kisses 18   Oct 16, 2008

Teardrops of my soul hit the floor as i remember your face
These feelings i feel i thought were not misplaced
I believed my love for you would hold true
But obviously love just wasn't enough for you
The tears i seem to cry never want to end
And yet you expected us to remain friends
What did i do to deserve this pain
why did you destroy me and drive me insane
Everything reminds me of what we used to be
Nothing is right within my heart i'm no longer the girl i seem
I don't have the strength to put you in the past
God d@m it why did i have to fall so fast?
There are some things no matter how hard i try i can't erase
Like your smile, or the way your kisses taste
No matter what i seem to do
I just can't get over you

The bloody tears of my heart still fall
and once again tonight the pain is all i can recall


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