Never Look, SEE

by Honey Kisses 18   Sep 19, 2008

These soul-less eyes of mine/
Have seen so much hurt and pain/
this shattered heart that weakly beats inside/
causes so much agony! its inhumane!/

You see someone perfect someone without a flaw/
you say you can see my perfections/
but all you've done is looked you never SAW/

You never saw the knife sticking in my back/
You don't see the tears that run their paths to the floor/
Hun you don't see the pain i'm in or the answers i lack/
You don't ever see me when i'm back against the door/

You've looked at someone who hides so well/
Someone who can look at you with a smile/
Even when her whole world has just fell/
Or even through the pain she can laugh the whole while/

You've looked at someone who tries too hard/
yet fails at so much and cries/
You've looked at someone who has mastered her guard/
Who never looks for hello's, instead goodbye's/

So you see, you've Looked but never truly saw/
I'm not that perfect angel you claim me to be/
I'm torn and shattered. I'm a heartbroken teen/
Next time i'm around and you look, don't just look, SEE../


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