How Does it Feel?

by i love you   Oct 22, 2008

*Another unfinished poem*

I can't help you,
I can''t even help myself,
You're all alone now,
How does it feel?

You were never there for me,
I had to do it on my own,
It's your turn now, I'm out,
How does it feel?

You never said you loved me,
unless I said it first,
Now you're begging for it,
How does it feel?

Our precious moments faded,
and you didn't even care,
Now since they're gone,
How does it feel?

I tried to make things right,
but you never saw anything wrong,
blinded until you lost me,
How does it feel?

You took my love for granted,
you took it a little too far,
so now that I've escaped,
How does it feel?


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