O, Where Art Thou Spiderman?

by ShaunaMarie   Oct 23, 2008

Black; the center of my world.
The iris; a set of swirling patterns of candlewax and blue.
And around that, a rim of darker, cloudier blue.
I've stared in amazement at these eyes many times.
Eyelids flicker and then your eyes reach the floor.
You look back to my face, and a smile follows your gaze.
Yesterday you smiled so big, but it didn't touch your eyes.
A fake.
I'd give the world to see a real one today.
To see you cry is like seeing the rain fall on a desolate street:
So isolated; so sad.
With hands as cold as the frost on the windows this morning, you reached for my face to wipe away a tear rolling to safety underneath my chin.
Words could never explain how sorry i feel.
For all I've put you through.
And for what could have been.
You were the voice on the other end of the phone.
The one saying "I love you".
After all this time, all this pain, you still say it as if out of habit.
But this time you had to say "please don't cry" at the end.
I couldn't help but cry.
But like a hero you made me smile when I was in the deepest mindset of breakdown.
You are my all time favorite superhero.
You are my Spiderman.
My Peter Parker.
And I, as your Maryjane Watson, will always love you.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Wake

    AH ! I LOVE IT
    the way you ust put everything into SO MUCH PERSPECTIVE!!
    oh man .. i cant tell you how much i love this one.

    to be honest, i thought that this might be a funny one. but then ii ust read through it..twice.and then once again . not because it was hard to grasp. but because i really liked how you put things in place.
    relating the story to your own. Hard , yet brilliantly done.
    i liked how the poem expressed itself and a story and so much more.
    Great Work
    Loved It !