The Contradiction Within

by Midnight Sun   Nov 11, 2008

I know I want one thing
But for others I change
I act like it's normal
When I see it as strange

Put on my strongest face
But I'm shattered inside
I stand so tall for you
...My desire is to hide

When will you look and see
My contradiction within
Only held together
With sharp needles and pins

My constant tears dried up
I push my fears away
I plead for my freedom
Yet you beg me to stay

Why do you torture me?
Why to you cause my pain?
I'm already drowning
And then comes the rain

Because you smother me
I must gasp for fresh air
I'm so cold and alone
I am left standing bare

I'm forced to make a choice
Between family and life
Do I leave "warmth" behind
To possibly find strife?

It's a constant battle
Waging in my heart
A devastating war
Keeps me from a fresh start

But now I'm breaking free
I've decided- no more
I am my own person
Of myself I am sure

You have lost your tight grip
So unclench your jaw
Your voice holds no power
Your words no longer my law


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  • 11 years ago

    by oldthings

    Aww, great poem, really powerful. I don't know what to say, i love the emotion, the wanting to get away from somethign smothering you to death but not being able to becuse you don't want to hurt the someone by showing them your not what they want you to be. great poem. i love how expressed the feelings in this poem