by GABRiELLExEMiRA   Dec 7, 2008

A useless girl
who cuts too deep
he broke her heart
made her weep

she wants to die
she can't hold on
she cries every time
she hears their song

she's just pathetic
you should hear her beg
you should see her bleed
from her wrist and her leg

she just wants him back
to call him her own
she begs and pleads
but he won't answer the phone

she shuts out the world
she won't let them see
she needs him back
but that will never be

she feels worthless
he does this to her
he say he loves her
but she's not sure

she misses his kisses
she misses his hugs
she asks what went wrong
but he just shrugs

she tries to move on
she tries to hate him
she cuts one last time
then the light goes dim.


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