Just another

by GABRiELLExEMiRA   Dec 7, 2008

My poems my life my tragedy.

I'm just another teen statistic hiding my pain and fighting in vain.
I'm just another silly girl who made a boy her entire world.
I'm just another broken heart crying now played from the start.
I'm just another poet trying to be bold refusing to listen to or do anything I'm told.
I'm just another rebel wanting to be free with so much to learn and so much to see.
I'm just another face in the crowd trying to just be me but everyone has something to say they just won't let me be.
I'm just another lost soul waiting to be found i want to yell come save me but i don't make a sound.
I'm just another romantic who always falls too hard turning into a cynic with a heart black and charred.
I'm just another dreamer trying to change the world but I'm quickly learning its just too much for one girl


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