Never Enough

by Lemon Square Bear23   Dec 31, 2008

Its never enough to say I love you
because you looked past it every time
how were you supposed to know
I was slowly letting go

Its never enough to say I care
nobody wins if evryones losing
you were putting me through hell
so I want a guy who treats me well

its never enough to say im sorry
because you never listened to the words
I should have given you a sign
and opened up your eyes

Its never enough to say I'm wrong
becuase I cant give you everything you need
how were you supposed to see
you never said anything to me

its never enough no matter what I do
my love is not worthy
now I'm starting to think maybe
were just not meant to be


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  • 10 years ago

    by PoetryKnight

    Okay, awsome poem, but I don't see this as a love poem. but it is a 5/5
    From your Big Bro.

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