Letter to Him

by Lemon Square Bear23   Feb 17, 2015

I am not sure what to say or how to feel
this is a deep pain that no time can heal
in a time I can barely remember
a love grew in a warm September

I don't want my rhymes to come out wrong
I mean no harm, to sing an old song
I want to fix our past, make things right
I don't want a war or to end in fight

I made a decision for us, for you
you couldn't change me-make me new
my sins were far to great
this was no where near debate

I would drag you down, ruin your name
to you it may have looked like a game
protecting you from heartache to come
risking it all, making my heart numb

I could only hope to be better for you
Disapproval, the thought of others view
I hope you understand what I am getting at
why I had to leave fast and never look back

Trying to dismiss my thoughts of you
for me its something I can not do
memories of you float through my mind
like an orchid in water you'll soon find

Close the book and put you down to rest
All I ask is conversation, my last request
My wish for you to find new happiness
not be bound by the chains of loves' ugly mess


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