I will Always Love You

by A Phoenyx in Flight   Jan 1, 2009

No matter what happens
I will always love you.
Even though i let you go
I regret it every day of my life.

You are in a relationship
and it kills me on the inside.
But i wont let it show.
Because I love you and I want you to be happy.

I read the poem you wrote me every day.
And wish that i could hold you and say,
You are the angel that saved me,
And I love you so much.

I wish i could hold in my arms,
And tell you how much I treasure you.
You are my little Angel.
I will always love you.

Even though we are both in a relationship,
And are as happy as can be.
I sometime find myself,
Thinking back to the time we were going out.

And I realize one important thing.
No matter what I do,
No matter what happens,
I will always love you.

*to my little Angel you know who you are*



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