Vampire cursed and out of control...

by Shellaine shelli   Jan 4, 2009

The streets were dark, the lamps were dim
In the mist I caught a glimpse of him,
A tragic figure or sorrow and shame.
The clouds came over the moon and erased the light,
And I was alone in the darkness of night.

He swirled through the smoke filled air,
I was in a trance and all I could do was stare.
The classic music lifted my soul,
His bite was deadly,
I was out of control.

He bit me in my soft pale neck,
The pain was something I can never forget,
The blood poured out
And the venom sank in; it felt like an immortal sin.

It felt like death but was my birth,
It felt like life but was my curse,
Damned to a life of destroying another,
Seeking blood to curve my hunger.

I was now an immortal soul,
A vampire cursed and out of control...


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