Emo over you

by Shellaine shelli   Apr 16, 2009

I'm all emo over you
I hope you're crying too

Rip my heart from my chest
Here is my bloody mess
To fill your empty cage
The earth as our stage
and the world our audience
All for you my tortured prince

I'm so emo over you
I hope you're dying too

I'm a terrible infection
To feed your addiction
I'd fill your herion syringe
I'd cut off my emo fringe
to band-aid your open wound
For a harmony so finely tuned

I'm too emo over you
I hope you're cutting too

You've promised me your heart
and that we'll never ever part
now we're twisted and entwined
If you were to change your mind
I'd chase you with all my means
I'd even give up my skinny jeans

I'm way emo over you
I hope you're emo too

I'd never wear my bright socks and All stars
If it could make me part of your memoirs
I'd take every stud out of my belt
if it could make this poem heartfelt
I'll be your captured manroe
All for you my tethered hero

I'd throw out my eyeliner
if I could be your c minor
I'd trade life to be your cigar
I'd give it all,
to be a mear string on your guitar

I must be emo over you
I hope you love me too


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  • 9 years ago

    by Acoustic Odyssey

    I felt this down to my bones, I'd be lying if I said I couldn't relate to this. When you just want that person to love you, like you love them. Your word hit home once again. I loved the repitition of "I'm emo over you" most brilliant.

    "I hope you're cutitng too"
    ^ Only one thing I noticed, did you mean to say cutting?

    Other than that very small thing, you've written this excellently :)
    Take care

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