Body On The Table

by Dacey Flame   Jan 14, 2009

Dark town with a
Dark forest with a
Dark house with a
Dark room with a
Body on the table
Illuminated only by the
Overhead light shines on
She is sunshine wisps
Just brush past her bare shoulders
She is pillow pink lips
Round like a sweet growing flower
She is light violet nails
Painted by the setting moon
She is collar bones like dips
Catching rain as she dances
She is tempermental breasts
Two spheres of her past
She is curving slight tummy
A rolling snowball of harsh life
She is sinister snaps at the knees
Impact on her leg bends give up
She is freckled deep with childishness
Life taken swift and painless
She is somebodies baby
Just a fleck in the night sky


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