by Thoughtless Consideration   Jan 14, 2009

Light is pouring from your eyes like rays from the sun,
Am I touching you at all? Are you coming undone?
Feeling like a ghost, feeling so alive
(We're just like Hansel and Gretel trying to survive)

It's an intensity I wake up with in my bones,
I'm in a cage, I'm a screaming clone.
These halls are endless, I can never reach that door
I'm running, I'm breathless, I'm falling to the floor.

Am I just a project of grief for his idle mind?
I'm feeling so confined, defined, and undermined.
You're a puzzle- smiles, white teeth, touching my hands when I don't look.
I wish I could read you as easily as a book.

I see it everywhere, when I look at you.
All there's left to say is,
You remind me of someone I used to know.


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