by Thoughtless Consideration   Oct 28, 2008

(knock knock knock)

You opened the door without waiting for an invite,
It was always unlocked though, hoping for a sliver of light.
Fingers crossed; you are a map with no destination.
I know I mustn't seem much more than a poor imitation,
But I'd do near anything in this frustration, desperation, isolation...

Maybe this hand holds salvation, liberation?

The darkness has grown to be a comfort, it's now warm.
I'm weak like a drizzle- are you strong like a storm?
We're living in these moments, yet do they even add up to an hour?
Without you, I wilt in this fishbowl, drown like a flower.

The stars aren't bright enough, they're hanging too high.
There was still too much left to say after "goodbye."
Summer's slipping fast despite the daily complaints;
I'm shackled to the sky, can't break free from the restraints.

I hardly see the shadows now, yet I feel them so much more.
I'm just trying my hardest to swim back to shore...


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  • 10 years ago

    by meganmarie

    This was amazzingly good. really deep. it was worded so beautifully.

    Without you, I wilt in this fishbowl, drown like a flower.
    ^ probably my favourite line. such beautiful analogy.
    this is a beautiful piece.

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