Your Call

by Thoughtless Consideration   Oct 17, 2008

You're crumbling through my fingertips, as sweet as a sugar cube;
And my hushed whispers just seem to be fuel for the feud.
It's as tangible, believable as the slash on the sheet.

[You've always tasted like complete, bittersweet defeat.
Would you like a repeat? I can't delete a heart that's concrete.]

I'm feeling half alive with your eyes on my back,
Constant defense, always anticipating the attack.
It's been said before- I'm a joke, a disgrace;
Arteries interlaced: I can't replace, can't retrace the chase.

Hopeless and clumsy and praying for the worst,
First, I chose a curtain call that was pathetically unrehearsed.
A crude lullaby that doesn't fit my ears,
These fears reappear after years of tears [teach me how to disappear.]

And God, where have you been, through it all?
Won't you please answer me? I'm feeling quite small.
My minds on fire, my heart's a liar. What is it that I desire?
[You'll never know, you'll never know, you'll never know.]

I'll never know.

Just say when, I'm already on the go...


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  • 10 years ago

    by Ian Robert

    I feel this. I giver 5/5. you have talent!

  • 11 years ago

    by Ian Robert


  • 11 years ago

    by RussianRendezvous

    Your are a crazy, amazing, insane rhyming goddess : )

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