Raw Love

by Ciao Bella   Feb 15, 2009

Let me show you,
That I can't live without,
The things that are me,
I want to let you in,
The trust is there,
But is it enough,
Or am I just blinded by the wonderful dream.
Haven't you heard,
That dreams are useless.
You have to stop,
And face reality.
Tell me all your secrets,
Tell me how you can't live without me.
When you chose calling me,
And gave up sleep.
It's all worth it,
Then there was someone else,
She says she can give you everything,
I can't compete,
Because I'm not a bad girl like her.
I have dignity,
And am worth something,
But your a guy.
You think with your....


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  • 12 years ago

    by Faithless

    Well I like the rawness of this poem. It's just came out straight from your mind. I can also feel the hidden anger within you when you wrote this. I think this free verse suits well with the poem. Keep it up

    Great Job