Keeping the Memories

by Ciao Bella   Feb 10, 2009

She was more than just a grandmother to me,
She taught me so much,
I know her as my friend,
I was only nine when she passed away,
The day still flashes in my mind,
She had gotten Cancer her sixty-fifth year,
The days spent in the hospital were long,
We were just happy with the time that was left,
But never shed a tear for the other to see,
I always admired her strength,
Being a single mother for most of her life,
This battle was different,
It was coming to an end,
She took her last breath August twentieth,
I still cry to this day,
Even as I place this rose on her grave,
Desperately trying to keep the memories close,
Never wanting to let go of the past,
Because she won't be in my future.


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