True Love Waits

by Sugar   Feb 22, 2009

Afraid to look deep within
For I would see the truth
A fact that lives in my heart
I just want it be removed

Scared to try the chances
I dare not to face what's real
For life has been a burden
To what I really feel

I've been holding back its glow
There's a part in me that's weak
As I try to step back and keep away
What I do is hide then seek

I grab this hope that in time
I can make you mine
Patience is what we both can hold
Until the right time comes

I need more time to see
I need much time to know
Til I can spread the love to thee
I want my time to grow

I'll be faithful as you wait
I'd be strong for no one else
I already gave up my soul
As "love and time" takes place

There is no reason to hurry
True love can wait
I'd be yours and you'll be mine
Let us put it all by fate


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