My Sweet Heart =)

by Sugar   Feb 16, 2012

I am moved by you, moved by your unwavering love.
I was still for those moments but how could you?
I slipped in seconds as you have pushed me,
You have pushed me and I fell in love.

Smiling at me, you know it's what I should see.
After the awkwardness and harshness of my day be,
you know of a magical charm that makes me warm.
That's what your smile brings to me.

Your love is true, I can see it perfectly in your eyes
I get lost in it however I've tried to seek,
Yet I find no better way to look at the world
but just through your beautiful eyes.

In every end of the day my heart sings of a song,
with melodies of your love in a perfect tune.
And when time fades our hairs and dries up our skin,
Our love will remain in bloom.

*Dedicated to my one and only love <3


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