Pushing Your Love Away

by Sugar   Mar 11, 2009

I'm reminding of a promise
A promise that came from your heart
Words you said was true
Can also be words to break my heart

Does your mouth say what you feel?
For I am not like that
As those words put secure to my mind
Yet it bothers my heart

You say of your love everyday
And you don't ask of love in return
I'm unsure of what I feel
I'm still waiting to burn

Could you bare my ignorance?
For I try not see
I've been spreading all this lie
To seal what's inside of me

I've been so untrue
And my answers were fake
As you ask me if I can love you back
I say answers you couldn't take

How many more days would it be?
How long would you suffer?
You've been in pain for loving me?
And you're letting me to make you wait longer

How I wish that I could be that someone you wished for
I know I could learn to love you someday
I just couldn't take your pain anymore
The fact that I've been pushing your love away


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