Where are you

by shell   Apr 27, 2009

Its the infinite times I've broken
That didn't phase a soul
These were cries for help
And from my darkest whole

The cuts on my arm
I blamed on the trees
Many new the truth
But seemed undazzled by these

I had lost much weight
Appetite zipped closed
The sounds of me sick
I stood by this pose

My finger nails were screeching
Down our own blackboard
The pain was indescribable
But these cried for were ignored

Yet when I ended up in the bed
Of a ward they labelled insane
Everyone become worried
And I bowed my head in shame

Now you tell me you are shocked
That I should give you some space
When right now I need everyone
More than those days

this is a bit of a poem about how i feel right now, my best friend was so worried and now wont talk wont tell me why, me i need her to help recover, i never new it would lose me my best friend


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